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Client Name
Private Client
Client Sector
Arkley, Barnet
6,500 Sq. Ft
RIBA Stage 4
Self Build
Roegate, a beautiful family home.

Project Description

Rogate emerged as a replacement dwelling project, and CMI became involved during the CMI stage when the property was on the brink of being waterproof, with the external shell nearly finalised. Tasked with providing an experienced opinion, CMI recognised an opportunity to enhance the layout significantly and identified design features that hadn't been considered. Capitalising on this juncture, CMI seized the moment to offer valuable design and interior advice before construction progressed much further. Subsequently, CMI was officially appointed to elevate the project, ensuring that the interior matched the grandeur expected for a project of this scale and location. This intervention aimed to bring the dwelling to an equal standing, aligning it with the size and prestige befitting a structure of such magnitude.

About the Project

Our initial focus was on enhancing the property's flow. To achieve this, we meticulously reimagined all floor plans, streamlining the design by stripping it back to load-bearing walls. In interpreting the client's brief, we made thoughtful suggestions and revisions that transformed each room. The client expressed particular satisfaction with our approach to creating en-suite bedrooms, including a luxurious "his and hers" setup for the master bedroom with dedicated bathrooms and dressing rooms. Additionally, CMI revamped the stair design, optimising space usage and contributing to an overall improvement in the property's functionality and aesthetics.

Roegate, a beautiful family home.
Roegate, a beautiful family home.
Roegate, a beautiful family home.
Roegate, a beautiful family home.

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Roegate, an impressive family dwelling.


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