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Workplace Analysis

Community & Education
Community & Education
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Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK
60,800 Sq. Ft
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4 Months
RSPB Bedfordshire, workplace analysis.

Project Description

Our directive was to collaborate with the RSPB in unlocking the full potential of their headquarters property. Nestled within a sprawling nature reserve spanning 220 hectares, the RSPB recognised the inherent value of their natural surroundings. However, there existed a discernible gap in understanding how to optimise the usage of their existing buildings and office spaces within this unique and environmentally significant setting. Our goal was to provide strategic insights and solutions that would harmonize the RSPB's vision with the untapped potential of its physical infrastructure, ensuring a seamless integration of its conservation mission with the functionality and aesthetics of its built environment.

About the Project

CMI meticulously conducted utilisation studies, leveraging evidence-based data derived from comprehensive assessments of all workspaces, coupled with insightful e-surveys gauging employee sentiments about their working environment. Armed with these comprehensive insights, CMI crafted a dynamic workplace strategy for RSPB, promoting agile work practices that not only resulted in substantial workspace savings but also provided a clear and purposeful utilisation plan for each building. The findings revealed that The Lodge was ill-suited for modern office needs, prompting its transformation into a specialised meeting and conference facility. Simultaneously, a single-story restaurant underwent expansion, evolving into a central social hub with increased dining space and additional event rooms for diverse activities like social gatherings and yoga classes. To accommodate office spaces more efficiently, the youngest buildings were identified as ideal, adopting an agile working approach tailored to headcount requirements. This strategy, informed by utilisation data, led to a significant reduction in workstations while introducing alternative work settings, thereby diversifying furniture and work-style options. To interconnect these various spaces seamlessly, a visionary solution emerged in the form of a new pavilion situated within the courtyard. This innovation, made possible by removing an outdated structure, not only enhanced the overall functionality but also served as a unifying element, seamlessly linking the different areas of the property.

RSPB Bedfordshire, workplace analysis.
RSPB Bedfordshire, workplace analysis.
RSPB Bedfordshire, workplace analysis.
RSPB Bedfordshire, workplace analysis.

A detailed view


In numbers

“Art of the Possible” plans demonstrated the variety and flexibility of the new work spaces and the clarity between meeting/conference space, social space and work space.

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