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Collaborative Workplace

Client Name
Client Sector
Online Retail
London Head Office
7,500 Sq. Ft
Interior Design Consultants
Design & Build Partnership
12 Weeks
Wayfair's collaborative working environment.

Project Description

CMI's task was to craft a space that facilitates Wayfair's growth while providing a versatile, collaborative working environment. The design aimed to offer users a range of options, including team workspaces, one-on-one meeting areas, and focus pods within the vibrant and dynamic office setting.

About the Project

The reception's interior mirrors Wayfair's diverse product range by seamlessly blending their offerings with bespoke items, creating an intriguing and inviting arrival experience. The addition of a spacious breakout area and café successfully captures a vibrant café culture, making it a versatile venue for various activities, from one-on-one meetings to lively launch parties. This departure from the conventional meeting environment encourages both visitors and staff to foster relationships and collaborate in this dynamic space. Transitioning into the working area, a central semi-private booth facilitates quick meetings, while the open-plan workspace boasts height-adjustable workstations across the board, accompanied by convenient local lockers for all staff. This thoughtful design ensures a functional and adaptable work environment for Wayfair's team.

Wayfair's collaborative working environment.
Wayfair's collaborative working environment.
Wayfair's collaborative working environment.
Wayfair's collaborative working environment.

A detailed view

A mixture of meeting facilities from fixed rooms, lounge spaces, open meeting tables and individual telephone booths create an agile space for this online product giant.


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