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Collaboration Workplace

Client Name
Client Sector
6783 Sq. Ft
Interior Design Consultants
6 Months
Nvidia collaboration workplace.

Project Description

CMI was tasked with the exciting challenge of conceptualising a space that would empower Nvidia in nurturing and expanding its relationships and business endeavours with clients and partners. Notably shortlisted for the BCO in 2019, the envisioned space was crafted to serve as a relaxed showcase environment, exemplifying Nvidia's progressive and forward-thinking approach. Embracing a café culture, this design departure from traditional meeting environments fosters a conducive atmosphere for visitors and staff to forge meaningful relationships and engage in collaborative projects.

About the Project

Elegantly blending form and function, the design features a prominent use of timber and suspended lighting, artfully softening the aesthetic of the exposed concrete ceiling. The heart of the space is the central collaboration area, adorned with a spacious dining table, a semi-private booth, and lockers for staff, signalling a deliberate transition as one moves into the open-plan workspace. The open workspace is thoughtfully curated with height-adjustable workstations and high benches paired with draftsman's stools, allowing individuals the flexibility to work in postures that suit them best. Diverse meeting facilities, including fixed rooms, lounge spaces, open meeting tables, and individual telephone booths, contribute to the creation of an agile environment tailored for this technology giant. In a masterful combination of timber, glass, soft furnishings, black edge detailing, planting, and lighting, the design achieves a modern and timeless residential interior aesthetic. It's a remarkable transformation from the original space, which started as a typical CAT A white box with a suspended modular ceiling and raised floor.

Nvidia collaboration workplace.
Nvidia collaboration workplace.
Nvidia collaboration workplace.
Nvidia collaboration workplace.

A detailed view

Driven by the client's vision, the decision to remove the suspended ceiling and expose the concrete slab, along with the visible M&E elements, posed a challenge in achieving the desired open sales floor. Recognizing the critical role acoustics play in the success of this space, strategic implementation of ceiling rafts crafted from timber and fabric seamlessly addressed this concern. To infuse the design with an edgy continental flair, classic furniture pieces adorned with matte black finishes were strategically incorporated. Further enhancing the aesthetic, light timber laminate accents on the workstations, coupled with vibrant pops of colour in collaborative furniture areas, contribute to creating a warm and inviting residential interior tailored for a tech-savvy company. The meticulous execution of this design earned it a well-deserved place on the shortlist for BCO 2019 Refurbished/Recycled Workplace in the South of England and South Wales category.

Working with the CMI Workplace team to deliver a forward-thinking workplace for this tech giant in Reading was an easy fit. Their clever use of materials and detailing have given this space a relaxed residential vibe for the sales team to utilise for their company promotions and to work flexibly. Working together with the client to ensure the experience of the space meets expectations was key to the success of this project. The client is proud to show off the space and is now using the space to the maximum.

Jay Singh – Project Director, CBRE


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