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Collaboration Workspace

Client Name
Utility Provider
Client Sector
Staines, UK
65,000 Sq. Ft
Interior and Architectural Consultants
10 Months
Collaboration workspace for a utility provider.

Project Description

CMI embarked on a creative journey with the mandate to craft an interior that mirrors the home care packages offered by our client to their clientele. Infusing vibrancy and character, we transformed the office space by introducing colourful and patterned elements, seamlessly incorporating soft seating areas. These carefully curated spaces serve as hubs for collaboration, reflection, and focused work, encouraging a diverse range of postures across different floors. Departing from the tired and conventional long rows of linear workstations that dominated the existing office layout, our challenge was to redefine the workspace as an inviting and dynamic environment. We aimed to provide abundant choices for where to work, marking a significant departure from the conventional desk ownership model and dedicated office and meeting facilities characterised by low utilisation ratios. This transformation represents a bold leap into a more flexible and engaging work culture for our clients.

About the Project

The diverse floor plates and cores across the buildings provided a canvas for tailoring the spaces to precise business needs. We strategically centralised the reception within the center building, establishing dedicated meeting suites for visitors and offering a range of formal meeting facilities on each floor to facilitate flexible team collaboration. Given the distinct architectural styles and sizes of the buildings, our focus was on unifying the overall site with a consistent design language across the three structures. Our collaborative effort resulted in a planning proposal for the entrances, injecting vibrant colour to enhance orientation as one moves between the buildings. The primary reception, located in Building 02, served as a gateway leading to the ground floor café. Conceived to foster a conducive working environment, the café boasts scenic views of the adjacent lake. The spaces are thoughtfully designed with a touch of domestic style, featuring warm palettes and varied finishes to evoke a sense of comfort akin to working from home.

Collaboration workspace for a utility provider.
Collaboration workspace for a utility provider.
Collaboration workspace for a utility provider.
Collaboration workspace for a utility provider.

A detailed view

The workplace settings we've curated are deliberately designed to foster a more casual and inviting ambiance, ensuring a welcoming experience for those utilizing the space. By strategically placing workstations along the perimeter, we've enabled staff to bask in the benefits of natural daylight while enjoying captivating views of the lake and the lush, tree-lined surroundings. Introducing lockers for personal item storage, collaboration spaces equipped with whiteboards, and dedicated meeting hubs for team interactions has significantly increased staff engagement. This deliberate arrangement has sparked a cross-pollination of ideas and interaction among teams, contributing to an enhanced collaborative atmosphere that resonates throughout the workspace


In numbers

No one feels that they have not been considered within the new office space.

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