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Workplace Analysis & Design

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33,000 Sq. Ft
Interior Design Consultants
11 Months
Vodafone Manchester, workplace analysis and design.

Project Description

CMI has recently played a pivotal role in the successful delivery of a cutting-edge Centre of Excellence situated in Pacific House, Greater Manchester. Located near Manchester Airport, this comprehensive project encompassed both Category A (Landlords Areas) and Category B (Tenant Fit Out) developments. Our engagement spanned the meticulous transformation of the landlord's areas and the thoughtful customisation of tenant-specific spaces, contributing to the creation of a dynamic and functional Center of Excellence in this strategic location.

About the Project

The innovative design incorporated a state-of-the-art meeting suite designed for flexibility—whether opened up for expansive gatherings or subdivided to accommodate various room sizes, ideal for both meetings and collaborative projects. The space features acoustic feature ceilings and adaptable lighting configurations to cater to diverse scenarios. The overall workspace has been thoughtfully curated to empower staff, providing an environment where they can work in a manner that best suits their needs. Dynamic collaboration spaces and focus pods enhance the interactive and vibrant nature of the workplace, fostering an atmosphere that encourages the spontaneous exchange of information—a concept we fondly refer to as "opportunistic collisions."

Vodafone Manchester, workplace analysis and design.
Vodafone Manchester, workplace analysis and design.
Vodafone Manchester, workplace analysis and design.
Vodafone Manchester, workplace analysis and design.

A detailed view

This initiative is a testament to Vodafone's unwavering commitment to elevate customer service standards in the UK. The substantial investment is dedicated to creating a premium working environment, meticulously designed to not only attract but also retain highly valued employees, reinforcing Vodafone's dedication to fostering excellence in customer service.


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CMIA have delivered over 100,000 sq ft of space for Vodafone over the last 15 years

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